July’s Member of the Month, Becky Straub!

We are extremely happy to announce our July Member of the Month recipient, Becky Straub! For those of you who don’t know Becky, she is truly a motivational force inside of our community.  Becky is as dedicated as they come and has made excellent progress to show for it over the better part of the past year since becoming a member at GBCF. Not only is Becky driven to reach her fitness goals, she is also exceptionally friendly and kind. You know the old saying, “that person doesn’t have a bad bone in their body?” Well, that describes Becky pretty perfectly!

Becky joined GBCF with her fiancé, A.J. Lane (that’s right A.J., you get a shout out here too!), during our first Transformation Challenge last fall. Both Becky and A.J. were in pretty darn good shape to begin with; however they both proceeded to make impressive progress over the 6 week challenge. After the challenge ended, Becky took it upon herself to begin to learn some of the more complex movements we do here by regularly attending our Crush a Weakness Wednesday Skills Class. She also frequently enlisted the help of her coaches to make sure she was completing movements properly and her technique was dialed in.

Throughout this winter, Becky’s technique, strength and stamina all improved steadily as she put in the work, day in and day out. All throughout this process Becky stood out to the GBCF staff as being incredibly positive, welcoming and supportive to her class mates. She definitely models everything we are looking for in an ideal client!

It wasn’t until right around the beginning of our most recent Transformation Challenge that Becky decided to show us all that she really means business! Just like last winter, Becky enlisted our help this spring to dial in her nutrition from pretty good, to great. At this time she also inquired about including some intelligent supplemental work to help her reach her goals. With these new strategies in place, Becky has been working even harder than before and has made even more progress over the past several weeks and months.

Certainly others have noticed Becky’s work ethic and drive to push herself to that next level as we hear comments all the time for people saying things like, man I hope I can do what Becky is doing someday!, or Becky’s makes it all look so effortless! To all of this, Becky is exceedingly humble and quick to downplay her own progress. A true class act!

So thank you, Becky for being an inspirational member of our community here at GBCF. It is a joy to have someone like you in class, simply because you make everyone around you better. We look forward to watching to make even more progress and gains over the coming years!

Now for some Q&A!!

Q: First off, Congrats, Becky! It’s now your turn to answer our traditional first question; how did it feel to be named Member of the Month in July?

I was so surprised! I got a text from Jamie G. saying, “Congratulations M.O.M.!”. There are so many wonderful people at GBCF, I can think of so many others that are deserving ~ but I was really excited and humbled to be chosen!

Q: Who did you tell first and what was their reaction!?

Well first, I called AJ. After he got over the initial shock that I was chosen before him he was very proud ;). He even called his Mom and sisters right away to tell them the exciting news! Then I got some very nice texts from GBCF’ers saying congratulations. It was really nice to get that supportive feedback!

Q: You have seen some awesome results, as we highlighted in your M.O.M write up over the past year, if you could, can you elaborate on what has made the biggest impact for you?

I think what has made the biggest impact for me is being surrounded by so many motivated people during every workout. I was a frequent gym goer prior to joining Greatbay, but it is a lot easier to slack on a workout when you are doing it solo. The group format has pushed me to work hard during every workout. There have certainly been mornings when during the warm-up I feel like there is no way I’m going to make it through whatever strenuous/insane workout Eric has written up ~ but once that timer goes off and everyone starts working it’s almost impossible to quit! Everyone is so positive and encouraging.  I’ll never forget my first GBCF workout – I showed up terrified. Once the workout started I heard my name being cheered, along with everyone else. Trish probably doesn’t remember this, but she stopped in the middle of her workout to come help me get my foot into the band for pull-ups because I was struggling…big time…how nice is that?! That 5am is a special crew!! That kind of positive vibe in class is super motivating for me. It is also motivating to try and keep up with Steph Brewer – I think she is a driving force for everyone!

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your exercise and sports background?

I played some sports in high school – but not very competitively. I am probably one of the most uncoordinated people around… hand eye coordination and remembering plays are not my strong suits. I ran for exercise during college and for the first few years out. About four years ago I started doing circuit/weight training with a good friend and loved it. I liked the challenge of weights and the intensity of cardio bursts mixed in. For the past few years I’ve been consistently mixing weight training/circuit training/running. I love to run, but rarely go beyond 6 miles. 4-5 is perfect for me!

Q: Do you have any fitness related goals moving forward? If so, what are they?

In general, I just want to maintain and keep my exercise consistent. Feeling like I can jump into any workout and feel like I’m conditioned enough to handle it is always a goal of mine. One area that I can improve is my mobility and flexibility. Another goal of mine is to devote more time to stretching and mobility exercises.

Q: We’ve talked at length about nutrition in the past. If you could, tell us a little bit more about what you do on a regular basis and maybe some things that you incorporate into your diet that are a bit unique from the standard protein and veggies recommendation?

I really love learning about nutrition and food. Nutrition and exercise are of equal importance to me, and I try to make sure to devote enough time to both! On a regular basis I try my best to be prepared and allow time to cook each day ~ although some days I definitely find myself scrambling to pull together something healthy. Beyond making sure I get the basic “macros” in, I have been really trying to focus on the other supplemental foods that are so important in overall health. Some of the staples in our pantry are: apple cider vinegar (shot to get you going in the AM!), grass-fed gelatin powder (for gut and joint health….which I sprinkle in AJ’s coffee without him knowing), cod-liver/butter oil, and water kefir to keep that immune system strong!! AJ thought I was crazy at first, but even he will admit that dialing it on those supplements really build a strong foundation for overall health! I love baking healthier versions of sweet treats, and when I’m craving ice cream, I eat it … I am a firm believer in indulging!

Q: How did you develop such a passion for nutrition?

I started learning about where food comes from my senior year of college. Educating myself about food completely changed the way that I eat. I switched to a higher fat, high protein, grass-fed dairy/meats, and lots’o veggies diet a few years ago and could not believe how much healthier I felt making the switch. I try to keep up with continuing to educate myself. I am lucky that one of my best friends is a nutritionist and pretty much a walking encyclopedia when it comes to food. I try to soak in as much knowledge as I can from her. I also love to cook, so it makes it exciting for me to try new things! Nick B., Allie A. and I have ongoing texts about healthy recipes and snacks we’ve discovered. It helps having friends who are into the same nutrition habits!

Q: Do you have any hobbies/ interests outside of fitness and nutrition that you really enjoy?

Well – I love being outside and taking advantage of the awesome Seacoast that we all live in. I really enjoy getting into a good book, right now I’m readying “The Dirty Life” about starting an organic farm in upstate NY. But -this summer my biggest hobby is planning and preparing for our wedding in September –  woo hoo!!

Q: In closing, what would you give for advice for those out there who are striving to someday be nominated as GBCF’s Member of the Month?

Hmm…advice? Find a buddy! Allie Astarita and I started at the same time and I don’t think I would have been brave enough to start GBCF on my own. I felt so much more comfortable in class with another lady who was in the same boat as me! Allie and I do frequent check-ins making sure we are keeping the workouts up – we also have a lot of fun and are able to goof off mid-workout. Although AJ and I do different variations of the workouts – he has been such a support and someone who has encourage me and held me accountable. Trying to keep up with him and follow his lead with his never ending energy has certainly helped me! Listen to the coaches. There have been many times that I’ve been nervous about trying new movements or going up in weight. I’ve learned to trust the coaches and trust that they can give me good advice, and they have! Lastly—come to 5am. You get bonus points for getting workout in before the sun comes up 🙂

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