Category: Member of the Month

Dave Hackenburg

March Member of the Month: Dave Hackenburg We are excited to announce our most recent member of the month, David Hackenburg! Dave has been with us for just over a year now and has made some awesome progress in every area of fitness. David, like other past M.O.M recipients, is an awesome guy. He is friendly, […]

Jordan Anderson

October Member of the Month: Jordan Anderson We are excited to announce GBCF’s October 2016 Member of the Month, Jordan Anderson! Jordan, a frequent attendee of the 9:00am and occasionally the evening classes, has impressed us with his consistency, drive to better himself, attention to detail and significant improvement in all aspects of his fitness. Like all […]

Heidi Deleon

August Member of the Month: Heidi Deleon Congrats to our August Member of the Month, Heidi Deleon! Heidi, another regular at the 5:00am, has put in a massive amount of work throughout 2016 and has the results to prove it. Heidi has lost almost 30lbs this year, has improved her Olympic Lifting technique by a significant […]

Cindy Knapp & Edna Mosher

December and January Members of the Month: Cindy Knapp & Edna Mosher Congratulations to Cindy Knapp and Edna Mosher, our November and December Members of the Month! We are very excited to highlight these ladies as outstanding members of our community for several reasons. Edna and Cindy just celebrated their 1 year anniversary as members […]

Lindsey Hery

October’s Member of the Month, Lindsey Hery! Some Q&A!! Q: First off, Congrats, Lindsey! It’s now your turn to answer our traditional first question; how did you feel to be named Member of the Month in October? Grace and Andrew both texted me immediately saying “Congratulations!” and my response was “for what?” Then I saw the […]

Jeff Northrop

September’s Member of the Month, Jeff Northrop! Again, we are delighted to announce Jeff Northrop as our Member of the Month for September! Jeff is an all-around great guy to call a part of our community. He is friendly, encouraging to his class mates, very diligent about working on his weaknesses, which he puts massive […]

Becky Straub

July’s Member of the Month, Becky Straub! We are extremely happy to announce our July Member of the Month recipient, Becky Straub! For those of you who don’t know Becky, she is truly a motivational force inside of our community.  Becky is as dedicated as they come and has made excellent progress to show for […]

Alison Griffin

June’s Member of the Month, Alison Griffin! I am sure that everyone who has had an interaction with Alison in the gym over the past 2.5 years is nodding right along with our choice for Member of the Month this June. Alison is the best, period. You couldn’t ask for a better friend, classmate, athlete or […]

Shilo Hutchins

May’s Member of the Month, Shilo Hutchins! Congratulations to Shilo for becoming the newest receipt of GBCF’s coveted Member of the Month award! We are extremely excited to recognize another GBCF member that embodies the Core Values we have in place here right down to the letter. If the classes at GBCF were all “teams” […]

Steph Brewer

Congratulations to Steph Brewer on earning Great Bay CrossFit’s ‘Member of the Month’ honor for April, 2015! One thing that we should say about Steph right off the bat is this:  we could probably have named her “Member of the Month” for any month since October, 2012, and it would have been deserved.  When a person does all […]