Category: Member of the Month

Joel Harrison

Congratulations to Joel Harrison on earning Great Bay CrossFit’s ‘Member of the Month’ honor for February, 2015! One of the things that we look for when choosing a Member of the Month (which, by the way, can be a pretty tough task!) is somebody who embodies the spirit of GBCF. This can be a hard […]

Jeff DeRosa

Congratulations to Jeff DeRosa on earning GBCF’s ‘Member of the Month’ recognition in January, 2015! Jeff is obviously the first M.o.M. of the new year, and he deserves that distinction. Jeff is the type of person that we, as coaches, are always excited to see walk into the gym. He brightens and livens our day […]

Max Stewart

Congratulations to Max Stewart on the much-deserved honor of the ‘Member of the Month’ title for September, 2014 at GBCF!  Max has been working extremely hard for over a year at Great Bay CrossFit, and has some great gains to show for his troubles.  Max leads by example with his consistency and effort, and he […]

Adam Olson

Congratulations to Adam Olson on the hard-earned win of Great Bay CrossFit’s ‘Member of the Month’ title for May, 2014!  Adam is one of the most thoughtful and hard-working individuals we know.  We were very thankful to have the opportunity to award the Member of the Month honor to a guy who sends such a […]

Ken Palmer

Congratulations to Ken Palmer on earning the much-deserved title of Great Bay CrossFit’s ‘Member of the Month’ title for April, 2014!  Ken has been with us at Great Bay CrossFit for about 1.5 years, and in that time he has built quite a reputation all at once as one of the best competitors and most […]

KellyAnne McCafferty and Rich Chouinard

Congratulations to KellyAnne McCafferty and Rich Chouinard on being crowned ‘GBCF’s Co-Members of the Month for March, 2014! Since we didn’t name a Member of the Month in February, we felt it was acceptable to honor two in one month and pass the crown to a very deserving couple. Kelly & Rich joined the GBCF […]

Tricia Mendoza

Congratulations to Tricia Mendoza on being crowned “Great Bay CrossFit’s Member of the Month” for January, 2014! This is the first time we have named a member of the month, and we are very proud to award it to Trish. Tricia has been nothing but a positive influence and great presence during her first year […]