December and January Members of the Month:

Cindy Knapp & Edna Mosher

Congratulations to Cindy Knapp and Edna Mosher, our November and December Members of the Month! We are very excited to highlight these ladies as outstanding members of our community for several reasons. Edna and Cindy just celebrated their 1 year anniversary as members at GBCF and have seen significant progress and improvement over the past 12 months. Both ladies are mothers and grandmothers and maintain a very active lifestyle. So they have come to appreciate the value in strength training and maintaining all components of physical fitness. Not only do these ladies put in hard work, week in and week out, they are constantly spreading the message of how important maintaining your strength can be at any age, and unknowingly, have been teaching us lessons about how to achieve success in whatever we do.

One of the most important lessons we can learn from Cindy and Edna is being able to trust in the process. In today’s modern world, we all want instant gratification for the things we do. While Cindy and Edna are certainly motivated by progress and eager to move to more challenging movements, they both possess the wisdom and patience to stay the course and continue to work on their weaker links, even if somedays it feels a bit repetitive. Both ladies are a great testament to the theory that small improvements, every day, turn into major milestones over a long period of time.

Not only have Cindy and Edna committed themselves to regular strength training over the past year, but both ladies have been willing to challenge their current beliefs on nutrition and stay open minded to some of the newer concepts we advocate here at GBCF. This is a pretty big deal as it is easy to stay in the relative comfort of your current routine and thought process. We recognize the trust they place in our expertise and are appreciative of the fact that they are willing to stay open minded and try new things, regardless of how intimidating it may seem on the surface.

On the flip side of that coin, Edna and Cindy are both very well in tune with their bodies and if something doesn’t feel just right, they are quick to speak up and ask for advice on how to fix, modify or improve what they are doing. Their candor is another reason why we appreciate these ladies so much and why we want to share their lessons with the rest of our community.

Finally, Cindy and Edna possess several other attributes that we hold in high regard when selecting our Member of the Month. Both ladies are incredibly welcoming to newer members, supportive to each other, exude positive energy that is nothing if not infectious and extremely generous to all of the fundraising efforts we hold here. They are what we would call “pillars” to our community as they are role models for all of us to look up to. Thank you again, Cindy and Edna for being so great! We are looking forward to several more years of watching you both improve, progress and inspire!


Some Q&A!!


Q: First off, Congrats, Cindy and Edna! It’s now your turn to answer our traditional first question; how did you feel to be named Member of the Month in November and December?

Edna: Surprised and very happy! (not worthy, but hopefully humble!)

Cindy: Surprised! Amazed! And Honored.

Q: As we mentioned in the write up, you guys have made significant progress over the past year. What can you tell us about that? What has been the most significant to you?

Edna: I realized when I first committed to CrossFit that I wasn’t fit, although I do most of the yard work and house work and house work, I was struggling to do small things, i.e. standing up from a squat without grabbing the counter or chair. The most significant thing I feel so much better and have more energy and I am emotionally better.

Cindy: I knew Cross Fit was impacting my well being very early on. Coming in with an injury and starting Cross-fit as I was continuing PT made perfect sense and it was so cool to have a Coach who would work with me around the PT plan. I learned very quickly that missing a work out was definitely a negative for my progress. After a few months, I suddenly realized I was not limping, anymore and I could climb stairs, easily. Also, I realized that activities that had been difficult were much easier to manage, like lifting heavy bags of compost and gardening supplies.


Q: What has been the hardest thing you have had to overcome throughout the past year?

Edna: Lifting weights. I have had to push past my comfort zone.

Cindy: I had to learn to be patient, but after 4 months or so, I could see and feel changes that reinforced my being patient. I have had to step back to regressive exercises and, eventually, learned how important they are for my progress.


Q: What is your friends, family and others reaction when you tell them that you doing CrossFit or regular strength training?

Edna: Family is delighted and my son in law actually joined up at Great Bay! Friends (humm) think that what I do comes naturally.

Cindy: Everyone has been positive and sees my involvement as good for me. My peers and friends seem to be more appreciative of the life changing commitment involved and the positive changes in me.


Q: What do you enjoy most about your experience at GBCF? What also, have you had to “learn to love” over the last year?

Edna: I enjoy the friendship and the learning. I love the feeling this it is “working” for me.

Cindy: I love how I feel after spending an hour at GBCF! I cannot think of a better way to start my day, even though some days, it’s tough to think about “getting there.” I am enjoying meeting new people, each with different goals and working side by side with them. I really appreciate my Coach, Eric, and the patience he has, as well as his ability to step back and see different methods to achieve a goal when one method doesn’t fit.

I had to learn to love “squats” and the “90/90 standing stretch”. There were other exercises I could not do, at the beginning, but can, now, which makes me realize, every day, just how important this program is for my well being.


Q: Do you have any milestones that you are pursuing currently?

Edna: Yes, putting 100lbs over my head!

Cindy: Yes, of course! I want to continue to improve my strength and be able to progressively improve my form with the Sumo Dead lift. I want to be able to increase my weights in the Farmer’s carry, so I can do it without feeling my right sided muscles cave, and I want to continue increasing weights in the Hip Thrust to lift my own weight and then some. The list is longer, but I expect to continue working at GBCF, indefinitely!


Q: Lastly, if you could give any one piece of advice to the rest of us, what would it be??

Edna: Love one another!

Cindy: Realize that no goal is accomplished without some sacrifice and without a plan. Happenstance and luck are not your friends for a body that needs to last well and for a lifetime. You need to make time for yourself before you can be of any worth to another.

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