Our CrossFit Program

Our CrossFit class is the core of what we do here at Great Bay CrossFit, and is the “bread and butter” of our available services. Our CrossFit group classes typically take one hour, are run by one coach, and have anywhere from 5-15 attendees on average. CrossFit group classes are run throughout the day and week – check our schedule for a full listing of our classes.

Here are just some of the benefits of our CrossFit program, and some of the things that you can expect to experience in these classes:

A Fun & Supportive Environment

Ultimately, this is the one key ingredient to the CrossFit recipe! Many are hesitant and/or intimidated to try CrossFit, but there truly is no reason to be nervous about giving Great Bay CrossFit a shot. The encouraging atmosphere here keeps our members coming back, which helps them to make consistent progress toward their fitness goals, which keeps them coming back, and on and on.


Built-in Training Partners

One of the most critical factors lacking for a person working through some sort of fitness regimen on their own or in a big-box gym is a quality training partner(s). This can truly make or break a fitness program. At Great Bay CrossFit, you’ll have quality training partners (and many of them!) built in for you. With training partners come accountability and competition, with accountability and competition come commitment and focus, and with commitment and focus comes progress!

Intensive Coaching

In every CrossFit group class, you will have a coach running class and guiding the group through the daily program, step by step. We do our best to ensure that our message and instructions are catered to the individuals in that particular class, and you should always feel comfortable in asking a question when things are not clear. Everybody was a CrossFit beginner at one point in time, and as coaches we are well-adapted to having individuals of all ability levels together in one group. Our coaches all have a minimum of a CrossFit Level 1 instructor certification, a First Aid/CPR/AED certification, and have worked through our internal mentorship program. Several of coaches have more extensive qualifications, and we encourage continued advancement out of all. Take a look here to learn more about Great Bay CrossFit’s awesome team of coaches!


Balanced & Progressive Programming

There are many unique aspects to the program we run here at Great Bay CrossFit. It may seem “random”, but it certainly is not. The framework of our program is built for an entire year at a time, and is broken down into blocks or periods which work together to ensure consistent progression, and to support all the elements required to build a strong and athletic body and mind! We can provide many more details to describe our program for those interested – look here or contact us.


Program & Workout Options

CrossFit has popularized the single Workout of the Day (WOD) model, where everybody in the group works through the exact same program, every day. Among many of the things we do at Great Bay CrossFit that are unlike what you’ll find at most CrossFit affiliates, we have different workout “options” built into our daily program. These options help us to more efficiently and effectively accommodate the vast array of needs and goals of individuals within a large group. All of the workout options will be somewhat similar and share many of the same qualities. On a day-to-day basis, you may be able to choose a workout alternative that is geared more toward strength-based goals, fitness-based goals, or that uses modified movements for those with joint issues or mobility restrictions.


Focus on Functional Strength & Movement Quality

At Great Bay CrossFit, we prioritize functional strength and movement quality. This ensures that an individual is prepared for a long and healthy training career, which in turn ensures preparation for performance in sport or life. There are many other elements of our program and of what we do, but the focus on strength and movement quality is paramount and is critical for accomplishment of nearly any fitness-related goal.



Along with Number 1 above, this is the other characteristic that has built the CrossFit experience into what it is today. When it comes down to it, no fitness goal is accomplished without plenty of hard work. We have a “conditioning” component to nearly every class, ranging anywhere from 5-25 minutes, which is where we really try to push our limits and break through barriers, both physically and mentally.


And the list goes on…

This is just to scratch the surface of the benefits of our CrossFit program, and to give you a little feel for what you could expect to experience here at Great Bay CrossFit. There is plenty more to share – contact us to learn more or to sign up for your FREE one-on-one intro session!