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Custom Programming

Custom Programming at Great Bay CrossFit


What is it?

Our custom program option is just what it sounds like – we’ll build you a unique, individualized program designed to help you progress toward your individual goals. We will cater the program to your schedule, lifestyle, training history, movement abilities & goals. The custom program package can be included as an add-on to a membership here at Great Bay CrossFit.


What does the package entail?

The custom program option is much different than working out in a group class or within any program of that nature. The custom program package includes:

• One-time, 75 minute consultation and whole-body assessment using the Functional Movement Screen.
• 4-week program block built based on findings from the FMS and consultation.
• Access to coaching staff via email and phone.
• A 30-minute follow up and progress check at the conclusion of each 4-week program block.


Who is it for?

Our custom program design is a great option for any individual who could use guided focus on strength training to propel them toward their goals directly or as a supplement to other types of athletic training. The following are examples of traits of individuals who may want to consider Great Bay CrossFit Strength & Conditioning. If any of these attributes describe you, give our custom program option some thought!:

• High School Athletes, CrossFitters, Strength Athletes, ‘Weekend Warriors’
• Anyone with schedule constraints preventing training during normal classes at here or elsewhere with a coach
• Anyone with budgetary constraints preventing training with direct coaching
• Anyone with a commute too substantial to train at Great Bay CrossFit Strength & Conditioning
• Anyone with goals that don’t correspond well with group training protocols
• Anyone who prefers to train alone at a home gym or elsewhere
• Anyone looking for more structure, guidance, and assurance that he/she will see progress



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