March Member of the Month:

Dave Hackenburg

We are excited to announce our most recent member of the month, David Hackenburg! Dave has been with us for just over a year now and has made some awesome progress in every area of fitness. David, like other past M.O.M recipients, is an awesome guy. He is friendly, kind, courteous, and very motivated to make positive changes to his strength and conditioning. On top of this, Dave has successfully dragged his ENTIRE family to GBCF! Yes, you heard that right, his 3 kids; Kobi, Aiden, Sadie and his wife, Kate, are all current members of GBCF. It’s safe to say that we love the Hackenburg’s around here and are happy to honor the “OG” Hackenburg who made it all happen.

Dave initially sought us out to work on shoulder pain that had started to affect his everyday life. He started in our semi-private environment and dove right in. Within our first session, Dave was totally engaged and working hard. While Dave was eager to learn and progress, he was also patient and willing to approach his training with long term objectives in mind. As many of us know, it is not easy to balance the desire to progress rapidly with the discipline that is takes to stay safe and learn the fundamental movement patterns and techniques. Dave did just that, and continues to see steady improvement even after more than a year of training.

Before becoming a member at GBCF, Dave’s training focused primarily around running and he excelled in the 5 and 10K road races.  so learning a totally new style of exercise proved to be challenging at times, however Dave was able to turn this experience into a positive and learn and build from it. Before long, Dave started to matriculate into our group classes and quickly became a consistent face in our mid-morning classes. With a few months of consistent hard work and some help from soft-tissue wizard, Scott Corliss, Dave’s shoulder pain was virtually gone and he was stronger and fitter than he had been in quite some time. Dave was also seeing improvements in his running without spending additional time training.

Dave’s level of motivation hasn’t stopped since he has been out of pain, as his new focus has centered around getting stronger and learning more complex movements. Day in and Day out, Dave consistently shows up, works extremely hard, listens to our feedback, makes the right changes and sees incremental progress. Congratulations again Dave, we look forward to watching to continue to improve in every area of your fitness in the years to come!

Some Q&A!!

Q: First off, Congrats, Dave! It’s now your turn to answer our traditional first question; how did it feel to be named Member of the Month in March?

Honored! Even after a year at GBCF,  I still feel pretty new.  Continually learning exercises and techniques, surrounded by dedicated athletes and supportive coaches, I am grateful to be able to train as part of such an inspiring community.

Q: Could you tell us a little bit more about what you did for exercise before finding GBCF and how you found us?

Before GBCF I was a runner- lots and lots of 5Ks.  It became clear that running alone was ignoring major areas of my fitness.  Besides typical running injuries in my hips and knees, long days in front of a computer started giving me back and shoulder issues.  It was clear I needed to change what I was doing.

I visited several local gyms but after meeting with Eric I quickly knew that he was someone who would be able to help me.  After a first assessment, he identified my mobility issues and several areas of weakness that were contributing to my shoulder pain.  He came back with a targeted plan to start strengthening my shoulder and put me in touch with Scott Corliss.  Within weeks I was seeing big improvements and was sold on the benefits of being a part of GBCF.

Q: You dabble in a little bit of everything we offer here, between your semi-private sessions, CrossFit classes, and Open gym. Can you tell us what you like most of each piece of your fitness puzzle and why?

The semi-private sessions are super-important for me.  Having a trained set of eyes evaluating my progress has made my form better and workouts safer.  Mike and Eric are extremely patient in moving me along and helping set next steps.

My first CrossFit class was a real eye-opener.  I had built up a vague idea that as a runner I was in good shape.  The full body exhaustion I experienced after my first (heavily scaled) class was like nothing I had felt in a long time.

Since then, week after week, the enthusiasm, skill and focus of the other members in the classes continues to motivate me.  Pretty regularly there is an inevitable point during a workout where I feel like it is not humanly possible possible to keep going.  But then all around me I see a diverse group of focused athletes pushing through and I’ll find myself picking up that wallball one more time.

Open gym is more relaxed. In these workouts I am more reflective and focus on individual skills.  Progress has been steady, but definitely slow, and an extra workout helps keep me moving forward.

Q: As mentioned in your M.O.M write up, you have successfully converted your entire family to GBCF! How’d you do it and how does it feel?

You would think that coming home from the gym and collapsing would have scared everyone away, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.

The first few months at GBCF were pretty transformational for me, I saw so much benefit from pairing a strength component with my running.  My oldest son Kobi was a high school track and cross-country runner and I suggested that he meet with Eric in-between seasons.  He quickly saw the benefits of cross-training.  

It started snowballing from there.  

Aidan, who is on the tennis and ski teams became curious and started training.  Kate, a runner like me, knew that getting broader workout would benefit her.  At some point Sadie, who is a soccer player, dropped by and met Mabel. That pretty much sealed the deal.

Having the whole family sign on was totally unexpected, but it has been wonderful.

Q: I imagine that exercise is a fairly consistent topic of conversation in your household. Does it ever get competitive or are arguments settled with push ups now!?  

We do talk about exercise often… second only to where and how sore we are feeing.

Having a common activity that unites all our different interests has been a great bonding experience.  

Training together builds a lot of camaraderie.  I know Eric thinks it is a little sadistic of me, but watching a family member struggle through a sled push or a heavy deadlift makes me very happy.  

We all up sharing battle stories about hard workouts and the sharing is definitely more fun when the person you are telling has gone through a similar experience.

Q: What’s in store for the Hackenburg’s in the future? Does everyone in your family have goals they are working to achieve?

Goal setting has definitely been a part of conversation.  

To have Sadie mention over dinner that she wants to “deadlift 120 for 5 by the end of a the month” is not something that would have popped up a year ago.

This is all new for us.  Kobi observed that this is probably the healthiest our family has ever been.  And that feels great.  

Q: How about you? What are your short term and long term goals?

I have to be careful how I answer this question.  I recently mentioned that I wanted to practice squats and within a week a happily smiling Mike introduced me to a Nemesis workout.

I have a long list of skills that I want to develop and for me each one comes slowly.  Being injury free is super-important as it takes ages for me to heal from even the smallest pull.   I expect things like double unders and TTB will take a long time to master, but I can be patient.

Q: Finally, what is one thing you want to do/see/complete in the next 10 years? doesn’t have to be fitness related!

10 years on? That seems just about the right timeframe for me to start rocking those double unders.  

Outside of the gym everything that comes to mind, from something as adventurous as travel to something as mundane as renovating the back porch where we eat dinner in the summers, in some way relates to spending time together as a family.    

Exercise and fitness has definitely  become part of our family culture and it makes me happy to imagine that even a decade from now that this will still be the case.

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