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Great Bay CrossFit & Fitness Revolution has partnered up to provide you with the ultimate destination for your fitness goals. Combined together the focuses of two companies become one: quality coaching to help you meet your fitness needs.

After being involved as personal trainers, health club owners and consultants in the fitness industry for over a decade, co-founders Nick Berry and Pat Rigsby knew better than most that the fitness industry had failed us as a society.

They saw how big-box health clubs herded thousands of members through their doors with little if any concern for their success. They witnessed gimmick after gimmick being sold on late night infomercials, all promising incredible results with little if any work. They recognized that the answer was obvious – but none of the current ‘solutions’ either recognized it…or cared enough about their customers or members to provide it.

This is where Great Bay CrossFit comes in! After forming a unique and one-of-a-kind relationship with Nick and Pat, the team at Great Bay CrossFit has become the first of its kind to be a premier affiliate of the Fitness Revolution!

For more information on what Fitness Revolution is, and the many benefits their program provides to the members of Great Bay CrossFit, please visit their website or contact us!

Contact Information:

Fitness Revolution International, LLC
PO Box 1539
Elizabethtown, KY 42702
(888) 335-6297

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