Get Started at Great Bay CrossFit for Only $89!

At Great Bay CrossFit, we offer a simple, streamlined, and low-cost opportunity for you to try our gym for 30-days. You are unlikely to find this type of offer elsewhere; many CrossFit affiliates and similar training facilities charge hundreds of dollars to get you started with a lengthy introductory process that we have eliminated the need for at Great Bay CrossFit. It is important to us that we provide this trial opportunity for you to have a true chance to see what we’re all about before committing months of your time and hundreds of dollars to a membership. 30 days is enough time for you to start to create some physical changes, learn the ins and outs of our program(s), and make a well-informed decision about whether you’d like to continue. We believe in what we do here at Great Bay CrossFit, and we intend to prove the value to you before you sign on for a long-term membership!

The introductory process takes just a few steps:

1. Contact us to schedule your FREE ‘Success Session’!

Our ‘Success Session’ is a one-on-one introductory consultation, which we can schedule around most availabilities. In this session, we’ll discuss your medical & training history, your goals, our program(s), go through a brief movement analysis, and cover some other good stuff that will help us get to know each other. This session takes about 60 minutes, and again, it is completely free! Contact us now to schedule.


2. Attend our small group Orientation class (for CrossFit) or schedule your program introduction (for Semi-Private or High School)

The Orientation is a 2-hour class that we run most weeks on Saturday morning from 10 am – 12 pm (we can sometimes accommodate other availabilities if necessary – just ask!). There are a maximum of 6 individuals in this session, so we are able to provide plenty of coaching and attention. The Orientation is a crash course on many of the basic movements that we use in our CrossFit program, as well as brief discussion of some other stuff such as nutrition and goal setting that is important for a successful training experience.


For our Semi-Private and High School Strength & Conditioning programs, we will design an individual program based on what we learn in your Success Session. You’ll use this program for your 30-day trial. Since there are far fewer movements to introduce, we will only need to coordinate for 15-20 minutes to explain your program. A perfect opportunity for this is immediately before your first Semi-Private training session.


3. Try out Great Bay CrossFit for 30-days!

After step (2), you’ll have enough foundational knowledge to jump into your training sessions, be it CrossFit, Semi-Private, or High School. For our CrossFit program, you are allowed unlimited training sessions throughout your 30-day trial. For Semi-Private and High School clients, you will have the opportunity to get into 6 training sessions throughout the month (it should be mentioned here that our semi-private and high school hours are still very limited – we would be happy to discuss in more detail).


4. Sign on to join us with one of many membership options!

• The trial has no strings attached. After the 30-days (or earlier, for that matter, at any point you’re ready!) you’ll have the opportunity to sign on for a longer-term membership. We’ll do our best to prove to you the value of our program, and of course we hope that everybody chooses to stay on with us. However, if you decide that Great Bay CrossFit is not for you, then there is no obligation and you will have the opportunity to move on with a good amount of knowledge and a great experience under your belt!


The introductory process (for experienced CrossFitters only) is even more basic:

1. Contact us to schedule your FREE Success Session!

This step is optional for experienced CrossFitters. However, we recommend that you take advantage of the free session. From our end, we prefer everybody to schedule a Success Session so that we can get a good idea of your background, history, and goals. This information can help us to ensure that you make consistent, sustainable progress, and provide you with some personalized guidance when necessary. For your part, it’s free and it will give you a better feel for what you can expect out of your experience at Great Bay CrossFit. Contact us now.

2. Sign on for a membership!

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