October Member of the Month:

Jordan Anderson

We are excited to announce GBCF’s October 2016 Member of the Month, Jordan Anderson! Jordan, a frequent attendee of the 9:00am and occasionally the evening classes, has impressed us with his consistency, drive to better himself, attention to detail and significant improvement in all aspects of his fitness. Like all GBCF M.O.M’s, Jordan is a class act. He is friendly, respectful, listens and appreciates feedback, quick to motivate others around him and is an excellent model of what we consider our Ideal Member.

Jordan started with GBCF in the beginning of 2016 and immediately became a familiar face. He recognized early on that he had a few mobility limitations and immediately began the work to fix them without a second thought. We have watched Jordan put in a significant amount of work over the last year to improve his technique on not only the fundamentals, but also more recently, the olympic lifts. Jordan gets in early to almost every class he attends to make sure he works on his weaknesses and gets the most out of every workout.

As mentioned above, one big thing that stands out about Jordan is his consistency. Week in and week out, Jordan makes sure he gets his workouts in and during those workouts, Jordan is working hard every time. This is a big reason why he has made the progress he has over the past year. Even during the Summer, which is a busy time of year from Jordan professionally, he keeps himself honest and doesn’t use a hectic schedule as an excuse to miss workouts.

More recently, Jordan has been piling on the effort in our Performance Challenge. Jordan selected the power clean as his movement and has made every effort to get into the gym to complete the template to a “T” and give himself the best chance for success. Not only has Jordan worked hard in class and in open gym on his technique and strength, he has been incredibly receptive to feedback from the coaches and willing to try out new positions and methods. Even with a vacation on the horizon, Jordan has been making it a priority to get in the work when he can.

Congrats again Jordan for being named M.O.M for October. We appreciate you as a member here at GBCF and look forward to watching you continue to improve and meet all the targets you set for yourself!


Some Q&A!!


Q: First off, Congrats, Jordan! It’s now your turn to answer our traditional first question; how did it feel to be named Member of the Month in October?

A: Being named Member of the Month certainly makes me feel humbled. Since joining GBCF in February of this year, I’ve worked hard and sweat with many other members that are plenty deserving of M.O.M. status. I will say, everyone this week has held my new title to a higher standard in class—like I’m going to show up, RX+ every workout, run a mile, then jump up on the rings and start turning out muscle-ups. Easy guys. Easy.

Q: Could you tell us a little bit more about your athletic background? What did you do before finding GBCF?

A: Athletics has always been a part of my life, in all forms and fashions. It has always been something that I felt I could connect with – as a participant, spectator, and now a professional. I grew up playing a variety of team sports, but eventually specialized in baseball. I played competitively through high school and into my Junior year of college at UNH, as a pitcher and outfielder.

Prior to GBCF, I was a member with Planet Fitness—looking for a new, challenging experience. My prior routines started to get repetitive and boring, making it tough to get motivated. I certainly was overdue for a change in my approach to fitness.

Q: Has any experience in the past shaped how you approach your time in the gym and how you have become so consistent?

A: I would relate my time and consistency in the gym to how I’ve always approached the challenging aspects in my life, whether that be in the workplace, past educational experiences, etc. You need to value your time—more specifically, value what your time is worth. In the gym, I feel that my time is worth the end result. Every time. There hasn’t ever been a day at GBCF that I regret the time that I’ve spent there.

Q: As mentioned in your M.O.M write up, you have made some great progress in a lot of different areas in the last year. Where have you noticed the greatest progress? what have you worked the hardest on to improve?

A: Since joining in February, I have seen significant improvements in my overall fitness. I’ve lost over 30 pounds since starting at GBCF and have experienced a total body transformation. I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been and continue to reach new benchmarks every month. A huge shout out to James Niesuchouski—he’s been a huge help with Oly movements and is a true motivator every time I work out with him.

If I were to pick one area that I’ve tried to work the hardest to improve, it’s my mobility. As my mobility improves, so does my level of overall fitness.

Q: What do you do for work? and does it affect how you approach your fitness and health?

A: I am now entering my 4th year as Tournament Director and Registrar for the Seacoast United Pirates Baseball Club in Hampton, NH. We currently operate as the largest youth travel baseball organization in New England, with 27 club teams, ages 9U-17U. In addition to hosting tournament events and team registration, I am actively involved with the program as a head coach and instructor.

As a coach, many of the skill development drills in my practice plans require players to be athletic with their movements to be successful. It challenges them to be physically and mentally prepared to succeed or fail. I want to see how my players respond to failure or a lack of success. This is a way that I often approach fitness—I like to anticipate success and be prepared for failure.

Q: You are consistently in about 30 minutes early to every class you come to. What do you work on before class?

A: Getting there that early—that’s more anxiety than anything. I hate being late. But like I said, I value what my time is worth, so I’ll use that time for soft tissue work, movement prep, and socializing. Usually some fantasy football talk and watching Tim be Mabel’s little bacon daddy is a nice way to prepare for the WOD of the day.

Q: Do you have any goals for your fitness in the near future? How about long term goals?

A: I remember saying to my wife Hannah, this summer, “I want to be in the best shape of my life by the time I’m thirty.” I feel confident about the foundation I’ve built towards achieving this long-term goal, but I am eager to keep learning and getting better every day.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to buy-in and trust the programming at GBCF, knowing that I’m in a great place, with great coaches, great members—all the motivation I need to keep on keeping on.

Q: Lastly, if you could any piece of advice to those out there who are struggling to keep a consistent routine, what would it be?

A: My advice to anyone struggling with a routine— be willing to find the time to better yourself.


Thanks Jordan!!


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