October’s Member of the Month, Lindsey Hery!

Some Q&A!!

Q: First off, Congrats, Lindsey! It’s now your turn to answer our traditional first question; how did you feel to be named Member of the Month in October?

Grace and Andrew both texted me immediately saying “Congratulations!” and my response was “for what?” Then I saw the email, I laughed by myself at my desk and then started sweating, so probably just your normal first response. In all honesty, I was very honored and surprised. I am never the first one to finish a work out, or the person to lift the most weight. Also, the list of the previous winners are all people I admire and look up to in the gym, so I am pleased and honored to be added to the list. Max told me that there is a secret meeting the M.O.Ms have each week, so I look forward to my first one!

Q: As we mentioned in your write up, you have made some awesome progress over the past few months! In your mind, what is the most significant thing you have accomplished during your time here at GBCF?

My most significant accomplishment since joining GBCF has been developing a healthy routine. For the first time in my life I am making smart nutritional decisions, I’m working out on a regular basis and I am actually enjoying my daily run. Working with Eric through nutritional coaching has educated me on what I am putting in my body and how it affects the way I feel mentally and physically.

Q: What have you struggled with most about being on the road so often, and what has been the biggest tool/thought process to help keep you on track?

I travel about 25-30 weeks a year domestically and internationally for my job. The biggest challenge is the lack of control over my diet and the irregular schedule. There are very limited healthy options available in airports or during long drives on Midwest highways. In my previous 3 years in this job, I would normally just grab the easiest and quickest food available to me instead of thinking about what I was eating or drinking. Since joining GBCF, I realized how important it is to stay on track with my diet in order to see progress in my fitness and body composition. I now carry a cooler bag with me that I always have stocked with veggies, protein shakes, nuts and beef jerky. Preparing as much as possible for my time on the road has helped me stay motivated to work out as well. If I can run or hit the hotel gym 2 or 3 times in a week, I call it a win.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the people you surround yourself with. Have they been influential in the progress you have seen?

As you know, we have quite the crew at GBCF. When all of your friends are going to the gym daily, it makes your decision to go pretty easy. Similarly, when you decide not to go or ditch someone for the 6:15am class, you hear about it. I also have to give a HUGE amount of credit to Breeze. He has been so supportive throughout this process and is always there to challenge me when I am feeling unmotivated. I used to be jealous of all the time he spent on his bike or with his surfboard, but now that I feel the same passion at the gym and in my running, I get it.

Q: What are you currently working on in the gym or with your nutrition?

I am currently training for the Seacoast Half Marathon with Grace and Jill Galli. While this isn’t my first half, I have had the most successful time training because of the strength work I have done at the gym and my training runs with Grace, Jill and Steph Brewer. My other goal right now is to stay on track with my nutritional goals now that my coaching sessions with Eric are finished. I have set a body fat composition goal that I’d like to complete by May, and I think I can hit it with enough work.

Q: What are your goals for the future? What are you doing to set yourself up for success with these goals?

I have been toying with the idea of a full marathon in 2016, but that is sort of a pipe dream at the moment. I would like to work on the Olympic lifts at the gym as well, so I plan on working through these movements at Skills and Open Gym each week.

Q: Lastly, if you could give any advice to someone else who is looking to make a lifestyle change, similar to the one you accomplished? What would it be?

If you are aren’t seeing progress with your fitness goals and you want to make a change, consider the nutrition coaching program at GBCF. I learned so much and have developed tools that I will have forever. Also, tell everyone you know that you are dedicated to healthy eating and creating a healthier lifestyle. Keeping a food log and finding friends who will hold you accountable is the best way to stay on track.



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