Great Bay CrossFit Facility

Great Bay CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning is housed in a 4800 square foot facility just off the Spaulding Turnpike on Nimble Hill Road in Newington, New Hampshire. Of the 4800 total, 3200 square feet comprises our main gym floor. About 800 square feet makes up the entry way & lounge area, which includes two bathrooms, a couple of changing stalls, a giant couch, a television, and some storage for shoes and personal items. The last of the square footage makes up a second floor office & storage space.

The main gym floor is set up very functionally, and can safely accommodate a group class of 20, and more if the daily program doesn’t involve too much equipment. Like most CrossFit affiliates, Great Bay CrossFit doesn’t have a ton of equipment. We focus predominantly on functional strength and movement quality, and not a lot of fancy equipment is required to attack those objectives. Most of what we frequently incorporate into our training program can be accomplished with barbells and free weights, kettlebells, and medicine balls. Beyond that, once we mix in the gymnastics rings, C2 ergs (rowing machines), plyo boxes, and the pullup ‘rig’, we have more than enough equipment to accomplish just about anything and ensure that nobody gets bored! For good measure, we have several other pieces of equipment which we don’t have a large enough quantity of to use frequently in workouts, but we use occasionally in specific applications or as a change of pace. These include AirDyne bikes, climbing ropes, GHDs (glute-ham developers), sleds, tires, and chains.

The gym sits on a quiet, private spot in Newington. In the warmer months at Great Bay CrossFit we are able to pop open two large bay doors in the back of our facility and get some nice air flow through the gym. We have easy access to a long sidewalk for running, right out our back door. Our facility is in a stand-alone building with one other business, and we are all alone on the property for the majority of the day. This may seem insubstantial, but for anybody who has been involved with CrossFit, there’s a high likelihood that you may have had a run in with an uncooperative neighbor or landlord – no such issues here! We are thrilled to have a big parking lot to play around on during the summer, all to ourselves!

Great Bay CrossFit is a bit off the beaten path, and away from high-traffic areas. This is fine with us, since we have set out to create an experience that people are willing to travel a bit out of their way for, not that they just happened upon. We have a great, quiet spot and take a lot of pride in our facility – but please don’t take our word for it. Come check us out for yourself!