Semi-Private Training Program

Semi-Private Training Program

Our semi-private training program truly provides the best of all worlds in regards to the training experience: private-level attention and coaching, at an affordable rate, with all the fun and support of a group. Here is what you’ll see and what you’ll gain from our semi-private training experience.

Custom Program Design

Every client will work through a custom-built program, developed to address specific and individual needs and goals. Athletic development, strength improvements, Olympic lifting performance, and injury rehab-continuation illustrate common focal points of our semi-private clients and their programs.

Movement Screen

The FMS assessment helps to identify weaknesses and imbalances which could be causing pain and limiting performance. This same movement screen is used by the Indianapolis Colts, as well as several other professional sports teams, and is featured in the Smart Group Training programming. The assessment is not required, but is recommended since it provides more information relevant to your program design.

Knowledge and Experience

Our head coach has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S) through the NSCA, which is regarded as the gold standard for strength training professionals. All coaches involved with the semi-private program first pass through a mentorship program and are held to high standards of knowledge, coaching ability and continuing education.

Group Atmosphere with Personal Attention

Our semi-private program features an athlete-to-coach ratio of no greater than 5 to 1. This enables us to provide the necessary feedback needed to ensure movement quality and understanding while still offering the many community and social benefits of the group training experience.

Affordable Rates

The small group structure allows us the opportunity to accommodate more clients and charge lower rates than typical personal training programs. Our semi-private rates begin at about $25 per session.