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Member Testimonials

If it were not for the amazing members that we have here at Great Bay CrossFit we wouldn’t be able to keep our doors open and continue doing what we love. With that said, here are some testimonials from some of our members – raw, real, and transparent based upon their experience at our facility.

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial jeff northrupI love GBCF and I can’t recommend it highly enough. As a long time CrossFitter (over 8 years) I thought I knew what to expect as any CrossFit gym will give you a mentally and physically challenging workout, and this place is no different. However I was pleasantly surprised by GBCF’s careful attention to programming and deep care for its members’ long-term health. Those attributes are much harder to find in the CrossFit community but have proven to be a very big deal for this 46 year-old with a history of injuries and inflexibility. I am stronger, more flexible and fitter than I have ever been.

On any given day the workout at GBCF may look like any other CrossFit gym, but over time you recognize a planned periodization in the programming that cycles through strength, power and conditioning. That periodization has provided me with a steady progression while preventing burnout and development of chronic overuse injuries which has been a real struggle in the past for me.

The coaches and the community are icing on the cake. The coaches are fantastic. They are supportive and will push you, but are quick to dial it back if you are doing something unsafe. If that wasn’t enough the members at GBCF are friendly and supportive as well. I’ve had my competitive ego handed to me by a smiling pregnant woman who kicked my ass in a workout, and I’ve been inspired by the determination of those just starting out. I wouldn’t want to be at any other gym.

– Jeff Northrup

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial justin bradyI have been active my entire life, but like many workout routines, staying fit had become less fun and more of a chore. For a while, friends had been suggesting I check out CrossFit. When I finally decided to make a change, a friend referred me to Great Bay and I was immediately hooked.

The workouts at GBCF are top notch. They are challenging for all ability levels and the varied, functional movements have bettered my performance in other sports and activities as well as everyday life. Even better though, is the community that Eric, Jeremiah and the other coaches have built, which is really something special. The culture is warm and welcoming, devoid of attitude or ego. People of all ability levels and athletic backgrounds help and encourage each other in every class.

The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and humble. Everyone works hard and everyone has fun – it’s like gym class for adults! Working out is no longer a chore, and my time spent at GBCF is one of the highlights of my day. I am proud to be a member and could not give them a higher recommendation.

– Justin Brady

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial steph brewerI am so fortunate to be a member of Great Bay CrossFit. Not only have I built some strong, lifelong friendships, but the support from fellow members and the coaches makes it that much easier to climb out of bed for the 5 am class every day.

Since I have been doing CrossFit pregnant over the past 25 weeks, I have never once felt unsafe or unsure. The coaches are always checking in to ask me how I am feeling or if anything in particular has been bothersome. They make sure I take the necessary breaks and have provided me with fitting modifications as I progress from week to week.

I could not ask for a better place to be at this time in my life or better coaches to guide me along the way. I am looking forward to them helping me continue with my progress and reach my goals postpartum!

– Steph Brewer

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial john vogelI have had nothing but positive experiences since I joined Great Bay CrossFit 18 months ago. From weight loss and muscle gain to better eating habits and improved sleep, I can confidently thank GBCF for providing the atmosphere and direction necessary to achieve these results.

My inspiration to join CrossFit originally stemmed from a growing complacency that I began to develop towards my fitness. I was uninspired and lacked direction, so my trips to the gym were becoming stale, one-dimensional and relatively sporadic. When I did make the trip, I found myself performing the same routine without any enjoyment or results. This continued for some time until a friend suggested that I join him at GBCF. Immediately I knew that this would be the change I needed to reinvigorate my daily fitness needs. The classes are varied so I never found myself getting bored. What’s more, the instruction provided by the coaches helped me better understand why and, most importantly, how to safely and effectively perform all the exercises. Within days of joining I was both shocked and humbled by how many exercises I had been performing unsafely or ineffectively and by what terrible shape I was truly in. 18 months later, I am stronger than I’ve ever been and feeling healthier than ever before.

None of this would have been possible without the coaches at GBCF. Not only are they amazingly knowledgeable, but they are passionate. They strive to accommodate each and every member with every possible bit of information and personalized instruction necessary to make CrossFit a safe, rewarding and enjoyable experience. Dedicated, honest and friendly, the coaches of GBCF hold themselves to a high standard and it shows in the results that their membership achieves.

– John Vogel

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial meg edstromI am an athlete and part-time coach at CrossFit Beacon in Portland, Maine. Great Bay CrossFit was recommended to me by a friend at Beacon, after I announced I was moving temporarily to the Portsmouth area. And after my first class at GBCF in October 2013, I knew I’d found an amazing home-away-from-home.

The first thing that stood out to me at GBCF was the members: everyone was so friendly and welcoming, whatever the class time of day, from my very first day in the gym. The programming is thoughtful, comprehensive and fun (most days! Haha…), and there is a ton of variation – it’s left up to members each day whether they would like to participate in the group class, or forge off on their own to take on a strength or Oly session. Mobility and skill work is also integrated into nearly every class, bringing an important awareness to these crucial aspects of overall fitness. Despite my crazy commute and irregular workout schedule during my temporary move, I feel like I’ve been challenged by every day’s WOD, had a chance to work on accessory and skill work, and been humbled by working out with some truly awe-inspiring athletes.

Above all I have to commend the coaching: the GBCF coaches are some of the best I’ve worked with, each one of them willing to work with all members, answer questions, modify workouts, demo movements, or just be a patient and supportive ear. I have appreciated the difficulties of each day’s strength sessions and MetCons, the intensity of even the warm-up, and the intentional breathing before and after each WOD – it all adds up to what makes Great Bay great.

But the best part about Great Bay for me is what it has meant for us: the reason I moved to the Great Bay area temporarily is to live with my fiancé, who works in Andover, MA. He is just beginning his journey into the CrossFit world, and I have been so appreciative of Great Bay’s welcoming and supportive membership, and informed and thoughtful coaching. It’s been so amazing for him and me to be able to work out together, knowing that his experience is as important and supported as mine. The coaches (and members!) have been able to answer whatever questions I haven’t, and the coaches are always right there: with just the right cue, to lend that extra bit of support during the WOD, or to answer any lingering questions after class. And that goes for both of us.

– Meg Edstrom

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial canaan letourneauI can remember bits and pieces of my hundreds of trips to the gym prior to joining Great Bay Crossfit, Strength and Conditioning, each trip being as horrifically unfocused as the last – my routine got monotonous, really monotonous. It wasn’t until I joined GBCF that I realized that I’d been reinforcing improper movement patterns since I “got serious about lifting” back in college. I’d done more damage than good; I could bench more than I could squat; my lower back gave me constant pain, pain that I just ignored; I lacked the overall flexibility that I took for granted in my younger years.

The coaches at Great Bay are dedicated to correcting the wrongs that I brought on myself, and in much the manner that we trust engineers to build bridges, we should also yield to professionals when it comes to bettering our bodies – engineering a completely different landscape in the process. Any idiot can start a gym in the name of “fitness”; build a program that makes people feel as though they worked hard, and subsequently loose themselves of all of the responsibility and accountability that separates good gyms from terrible ones. The unfortunate reality being that the terrible gyms will still get a lot of members, and eventually, a lot of injured ones. Finding the right gym in this fitness free-for-all is akin to sifting some fine grains from a mountain of chaff.

I’ve found a grain in Great Bay Strength and Conditioning, one that is predicated on a culture of each and every individual reaching their goals in safe and supportive environment. Is this a testimonial? Sure. Is this more aptly a gigantic ‘THANK YOU’ to all of the Great Bay staff and coaches that help me perform better as a HEALTHY athlete? YES.

– Canaan Letourneau

The coaching staff and Great Bay CrossFit are true strength and fitness training professionals. They look beyond short term gains and develop programming that allows anyone to safely and systematically work towards improving their health, strength and overall fitness.

Over the last year the programming at Great Bay has allowed me to achieve gains in both my strength and fitness that I would never have thought possible. Beyond just the workouts they have also created a true community among the members.

– Jamie Brewer

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial adam olsonWhat makes this gym unique is a simple concept that’s impossible to fake; and that is: CrossFit is not for everyone, but this gym is. If you could achieve your fitness goals on your own then you wouldn’t be reading a testimonial while considering joining a box…join the club of those who made that realization.

Some members train semi-independently, others enjoy the familiarity of a specific class, the rest enjoy the collective positive attitude and motivation found during all classes. The trainers set the tone by instituting a culture of improvement and progress, regardless of your fitness level, not necessarily focusing solely on results, but how you achieve those results safely and effectively by phenomenal coaching knowledge, experience and acumen.

Every member has been humbled by CrossFit in way or another; as a result, there isn’t an elitist, ego driven atmosphere. Whoever you are: old and fat, young and soft, sweet athlete “back in the day”, beach lift champ, beast warrior, average Joe; if you’re looking for something different or if you’re hungry to become a significantly better version of yourself…join. Nobody is out of their league as long as you bring a positive attitude and willingness to work. It’s amazing how great coaches and members make working hard entirely different from hard work.

– Adam Olson

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial scott talonMy entire youth was spent playing sports, mainly hockey and baseball. Throughout high school I kept myself extremely busy, but senior year came, and I was left with the question “now what?”.

So to fulfill my need for competition and fitness, I started training mixed martial arts, mainly kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Again, I felt content, I was getting these extremely tough (physically and mentally) workouts. As you can imagine, injuries starting taking their toll.

And then, as cliché as it sounds, I found CrossFit. More importantly, Great Bay CrossFit. CrossFit offers workouts that challenge me physically and much more, mentally. Great Bay CrossFit’s trainers approach to programming and safety are the reason I am in such good health. A good amount of time was spent undoing all the damage I’ve done to myself through years of sports. My flexibility, joint health, and muscle tissue health all have improved drastically.

The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and the individual attention their athletes receive is incredible. On the other end of the spectrum, this gym is just fun to be at. The camaraderie and atmosphere at Great Bay make pushing through these tough workouts fun. It took me a while to find what I “needed” in terms of fitness, and Great Bay CrossFit was the answer.

– Scott Talon

I love going to the gym now, feel great after and have made some great friends. I have found the Great Bay CrossFit program to be challenging yet attainable. Great coaches, classes, and attention to overall health & nutrition.

– Eliza King

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial paul marstonI’m not sure which is better at GBCF, the great instruction and training or the fantastic community of people. The knowledgeable staff offers very unique and effective styles of training, while maintaining a fun and non-intimidating environment.

I have found the programming to be very versatile and first class. From resistance training to gymnastics exercises to pure aerobic conditioning, GBCF makes working out safe, effective and accessible for those who haven’t been to the gym in a few years, to seasoned CrossFitters.

I was welcomed into the GBCF community almost immediately. Prior to joining GBCF in May of 2013, I had been working out at home and occasionally CrossFitting with friends. Once I joined GBCF I felt like I had been working out with this new group for years; absorbed into the tribe if you will. Everyone was very helpful to the “newbie” and it wasn’t long before even the very foreign “Oly” moves became much more familiar.

Always fun, always safe and always sweating! GBCF is a great place roll up in a ball of sweat amongst friends.

– Paul Marston

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial barbara trimbleHaving exercised regularly for most of my life I was looking for a change and more of a challenge. I joined CrossFit 3 years ago, and at that time I was the oldest member (at age 60). I worried I would feel uncomfortable amidst a group of young jocks. I was pleasantly surprised that I had nothing to worry about. I found people of all ages and fitness levels, work-outs that could be scaled to one’s ability, and more importantly, an atmosphere of support, camaraderie and healthy challenge.

Before CrossFit, despite regularly exercising, I began to see my blood pressure increase and my lower back become tight and inflexible, to the point that I had a hard time bending over in the morning to put on my socks. Since finding CrossFit my blood pressure is lower than it has ever been and putting on my socks is a piece of cake (which, by the way, I have stopped eating since CrossFit).

CrossFit is based on “functional fitness”. The idea is to build and maintain muscle mass, improve balance, endurance and flexibility – all of which are necessary to help one “function” better in everyday life. CrossFit manages to blend personal training with group fitness producing an hour of structure, variety and the most challenging workout you will ever do.

It is the highlight of my day. I go every morning and leave feeling strong, young and capable.

– Barbara Trimble

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial john tanseyAfter one and a half years of evolution, the staff at Great Bay CrossFit has developed an environment, staff, and training regimen that can be applied to a wide range of patrons and generate measurable results.

The best part about this is the constant one-on-one expert training available to you and the tailored programming options offered every day.

From the outside, looking in, any CrossFit scene is intimidating; but inside Great Bay CrossFit is full of a wide range of ages and abilities who are all serious about their personal fitness and exude a harmless and fun attitude toward the rest of the class.

– John Tansey

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial james niesuchouskiI have been CrossFitting for about three plus years. I had no idea what to expect when I first started CrossFit. I came from the basic weightlifting background and played baseball at the collegiate level. After playing baseball at a high level, I couldn’t quite find that competitiveness that I once had. That all changed when a friend of mine told me about CrossFit. I remember my first day when I walked into that CrossFit gym. Music was blaring, people were drenched in sweat, and they were all doing these crazy intense exercises. It was extremely intimidating at first and I thought to myself “what am I doing here”? When Eric Morris put me through my first WOD (workout of the day) I wanted to cry. My legs felt like Jell-O and I couldn’t catch my breath. It was from that point on that I was hooked.

I took it slow and day by day I began to get better. CrossFit may seem like just another fitness program, but I assure you that it is not. It is more than just coming in for a workout. It has helped me find out who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing. Great Bay CrossFit is like a second home to me. It is a place that I can go for an hour a day and just forget about life’s everyday stressors. Everybody knows each other and is extremely supportive when it comes to achieving goals.

The trainers at GBCF are knowledgeable and experienced. When I was not training under Eric and Jeremiah, my body felt like it was deteriorating. It was as if all my joints were achy and I had trouble moving for a guy in his mid-twenties. However, since joining GBCF my mobility, strength, and cardio have all improved. These trainers know exactly when to push me and when to modify certain exercises to meet my needs. The programming at GBCF is incredible. There are a variety of WOD options that people can choose from depending on your wants and needs.

Anyone can post a “WOD” and start the timer. However, the programming here is carefully designed and thought out. Eric, Jeremiah, and the rest of the trainers are “mad scientists” when it comes to improving the fitness of the GBCF community. If you are on the fence about joining CrossFit, I would suggest you give it a shot. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. CrossFit has changed my life in a number of ways and continues to do so. My only regret is that I did not try it sooner. GBCF is where you need to be if you want to make those changes for a healthier lifestyle.

– James Niesuchouski

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial michelle youngI have officially just completed 1 year of CrossFit and from the day I started I have never looked back. Great Bay CrossFit encompasses everything I ever wanted in a gym: great coaching, fun/challenging workouts, teamwork, friendships, modifications for everyone, and motivation to be better every day.

The coaching specifically is the reason I am where I am today, both inside and outside of the gym. Negativity and perfectionism within myself has always held me back. Each day is a battle, but the coaching and motivation drives you to be better and happier about where you are in the present and guides you to set individual goals for the future.

The other best part of GBCF is the friendships I have made, which I know will be lifelong. What other gyms hold BBQ’s and Christmas parties and has groups of ladies meeting for Paleo parties and evening socials? This is not just a gym; this is a family, where we all meet to be happier and healthier mentally and physically. I can’t think of another place I’d rather be everyday – working hard and smiling the whole time I am doing it!

– Michelle Young

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial nikki douglassCrossFit – so seemingly intimidating with the big bars, heavy weights, names of exercises that meant nothing to me and oh my God…pull ups! What?! I’ve NEVER been able to do a pull up in my life and you expect me to do one here?!

Intimidating yet intriguing as I’ve always loved exercise but have never been able to find something that keeps me interested. When making the appointment to meet with Eric at Great Bay CrossFit I was looking for a gym that would keep me interested, challenged, and most importantly a gym that educated me on correct form to minimize injury risk. I found that and more! I was so impressed with the time that Eric spent with me the week of my orientation and how knowledgeable he was in regards to the types of exercises and movements and should and should not be doing with the current conditions of my body.

I guess being a mom and picking up two kids for the past 7 years has really taken a toll on one of my shoulders and without the orientation with Eric I would have never known and could have been an easy candidate for potential shoulder injury. Instead, I am now working on movements to strengthen and increase the mobility of this shoulder for a much longer life of healthy exercise. Every time I walk into class, it’s like I have a personal trainer who knows exactly which weight I should be lifting and exactly which types of movements I should and shouldn’t be doing specific to me. The individual attention is very motivating and certainly holds me accountable.

I look forward to the workouts as they are always different so I can’t imagine becoming bored. The members are another huge bonus; everyone there creates an amazing culture of support and motivation. I was nervous beginning as I knew I was not physically able to do many of movements but it was no big deal and within the first week, I had not only the coaches showing me exactly what to do but also other members offering me tips to improve and yelling my name in support when close to the end of a tough workout.

I’m just into my second month now and I’m far from bored, I have still a long way to go to complete a pull up but I’m on my way and working hard. To feel fit and have fun at the same time is a great feeling. Oh and if you think you’re going on vacation, don’t worry the coaches will e-mail you some workout’s for the road…I know it doesn’t sound like vacation but how impressive is that?! That’s how much this gym and these coaches are vested into your success. Don’t be intimidated by what you THINK CrossFit to be…come and check it out for yourself. I’m so glad I did. Hope to see you there and you never know I may be doing a pull-up….

– Nikki Douglas

gbcf great bay crossfit testimonial lauren armstrongPersonally, my life has improved in many ways since joining GBCF. Not only have I become healthier, I’m more aware of my body and what it can and can’t do. As well, as what it needs and what I should stay away from in regards to food. My mobility has increased significantly, as well as strength and endurance.

Weight loss has also been a major plus, but I’ve learned to look further than just weight, but at the bigger picture of total wellness. I have by no means mastered any of it, but look forward to continuing the journey with the support and team at GBCF.

My favorite part of my experience at GBCF has been seeing what I’m capable of. For the most part, I couldn’t pick a favorite experience, because really everything is positive, but the first time I realized my potential may be greater than I would have expected from myself, it was amazing. The coaches are the ones to thank for this and for the support, motivation and patience they show when working with me.

– Lauren Armstrong

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