Wednesday’s Workout: 2-25-15

This week in our Crush a Weakness Wednesday Class, we will be covering the muscle up and rope climb technique! This will be an excellent class for anyone who is interested in learning or honing their muscle up technique. We will also discuss ways to improve your strength in a way that will make completing a muscle up much easier. Don’t miss out!

Squats and rows! For our strength work, everyone will group up into teams of 3 and warm up. Once everyone has warmed up, time will start. Partners will have 60 seconds to complete the following work:

Black, Green and Blue Options:

Partner 1 will either perform a front squat x 3 reps at 85% of 1 RM /goblet squat x 10 reps / air squat hold in the bottom position x 60 seconds.

Partner 2 will either perform a Pendlay row x 5 reps / 3 point row x 5 reps on each side / batwing hold for 30 seconds.

Partner 3 will rest or work through a mobility drill

Everyone will complete 4 sets of each movement.


3 rounds of:

7 Power snatches (95#/65) or 14 medicine ball slams (20#/14) or 5 power snatches (135#/95)
7 Ring rows or 7 ring rows or 5 ring dips
21 Mountain climbers on each leg

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