Why Great Bay CrossFit? What separates us?

Are you considering giving CrossFit a try or are you an experienced CrossFitter looking for a new home? Choosing a CrossFit affiliate or a training facility can be a very challenging thing, since they are not one and the same and all are not created equal. It’s up to you to do your due diligence and choose the facility that is best for you. Here are some of the things which are unique to Great Bay CrossFit:

Our CrossFit Program

  • As a CrossFit affiliate, we remain true to the roots of CrossFit philosophy. We mix in plenty of variety on a daily basis and perform lots of functional movements at high intensity. However, we put as much or more emphasis on safety and longevity. Our core group training program is an intelligently structured and balanced program, designed for healthy and consistent progression. We create slight variations within our program to accommodate individuals targeting differing goals, such as body composition improvements, strength gain, or competition at the sport of CrossFit.

Our Coaches

  • We feel that it is very important for a coach in the Strength & Conditioning world to demonstrate eagerness to continuously advance his or her knowledge and ability. Our staff of coaches here at Great Bay CrossFit have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and carries several advanced certifications, including CSCS, FMS, and various CrossFit certifications, with other advanced certifications on the way. These endorsements, particularly the CSCS, are some of the most challenging available to Strength & Conditioning professionals, and are representative of our commitment to ensuring that we are capable of getting you to your goals, and doing so safely. Learn more about our fantastic coaching staff here.

Our Individual Attention

  • Here at Great Bay CrossFit we don’t casually toss around assurances that our program is “scalable” or “appropriate for all ability levels” or “encourages progression”, etc. We take real action to enable ourselves to make these assurances. For example, we perform a brief movement assessment with each client, so we ensure each individual is using movement variations that are appropriate for his/her abilities and limitations. We also make sure that we understand your fitness goals, and based on these goals we provide direction toward the optimal program variation. One of our coaches reaches out to each and every member of the Great Bay CrossFit community, personally, on a regular basis to solicit feedback and ensure that each individual is remaining on the right path toward achieving his/her goals and seeing the results you are working for.

Our Other Affiliation

  • Great Bay CrossFit is the only CrossFit affiliate in New England, and one of only a handful in the world, to also be affiliated with Fitness Revolution. Fitness Revolution is a franchise system which is dedicated to helping Strength & Conditioning professionals improve their business. Without a good framework behind your business, you are left with…well…a crappy framework behind your business. Quality business systems are a critical foundation upon which to build a quality experience for each member, just the same way that quality movement patterns are critical foundation upon which to build fitness. Our affiliation with Fitness Revolution gives us access to some of the best and brightest strength and conditioning coaches and fitness professionals out there, and from them we have gleaned invaluable wisdom that we are able to use to create a great experience for our clients. Learn more about Fitness Revolution here.

Our Partnerships

  • We have active partnerships with some of best and brightest health and wellness practitioners in the area. If your goals or circumstances require you to go above and beyond our normal program, we have partnerships with fantastic chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, and physical therapists. We feel that our collaborative effort is much more effective than piecing together your own performance or treatment plan because we are able to communicate effectively within our own network, and work together to get you well and keep you progressing toward your goals.

Our Philosophies

  • We believe in asking plenty of questions and maintaining a critical attitude toward ourselves. We believe in taking nothing for granted and always searching for ways to improve. We believe in searching for uncommon solutions to common problems and never settling for the status quo. We have set out to combine all of the best elements of CrossFit with the best elements of traditional training methods and we leave behind what is broken. We have developed a set of Core Values and we live by them every day.


Our Other Programs

  • Yes, we are a CrossFit affiliate, but there is plenty more to Great Bay CrossFit as well! Our High School Strength & Conditioning program is a great option for high school athletes, while our Semi-Private program is an alternative for those with more specific goals or who require a bit more coaching, and our Nutrition Coaching program can be an invaluable asset in helping athletes get over the hump and progressing toward their goals. Take a look at the ‘Programs’ tab to learn more about all that we having going on throughout our arsenal of strength & conditioning offerings.

Our Low-Cost Trial!

  • We provide a very rare opportunity to try our program for only $35. CrossFit can be intimidating for newcomers, and we want to provide the opportunity for you to give it a shot without you making any long-term commitments. All you have to do is work through our Orientation class, and then you’ve got 7 days to sample Great Bay CrossFit, with no strings attached! This is an opportunity that is uncommon within the CrossFit world. Take advantage and find out for yourself if Great Bay CrossFit is what you’ve been searching for! Learn more here.

Our Word

  • Not only do you have the opportunity to try things out for next to nothing here at Great Bay CrossFit, but we also provide a VERY rare guarantee of our services and your experiences under our roof: if you do sign on with us after your free trial, and you are displeased with your experience here for any reason, we’ll give you a refund. Period. We are not in the business of cheating people; we are in the business of helping people. That is what Great Bay CrossFit is dedicated to, and we aren’t afraid to put our money where our mouth is to prove it. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our refund guarantee.

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